How people are affected by this criminal activity.

When website fraud or scams take place, the person who is most affected by this is the victim. This is because in most cases they will lose some amount of money or some personal information. However sometimes hackers also get caught and so have a high possibility of getting caught depending on the type of criminal activity they are doing.

From website frauds, fraudsters have an aim of identity theft. Identity theft is also known as impersonation fraud. In this situation the fraudster will try and find out as much information of the victim as possible and then use it to create bank accounts or also an identity somewhere in another country. Criminals can use the victim’s details to get credit cards, loans and also state documents such as driving licenses and passports. Unfortunately this still happens in many places but is not displayed on the press a lot as it can cause bad reputations on other organisations and sometimes also governmental organisations. *If you think that you are a victim of identity theft then contact the police as soon as possible*.

Although many people are victims of such criminal activity such as fraud and scams they still do not tell the proper authorities e.g. police and so most incidents go unreported and so the criminals get away with what they do and so carry on to do the same to others.

For criminals who are caught in such acts are given a sentence of up to 10 years in prison. This is the UK Law. Once someone has a criminal record it is hard for them to apply for a job as the records will be noted by the employee.

Overall, if you are involved in website fraud or scams or are tempted, ‘Think again’. Crime never pays, and criminals are always caught!

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