Common Examples Of Web Theft And Fraud

Fake Online Businesses:

If your anything like me then you would have typed into a search engine, “how to make quick money from home” or something along the lines. Well if you have and passed on your details to the so called “legitimate company” along with a registration fee then you have most probably been a victim of website fraud or theft. What these people do is set up a direct debt account and once they get your registration fee keep it to pay their bills and your new online job from home is non-existent.

Similarly, you may have noticed that if you return to the site in a few weeks the site would have disappeared meaning there is no way to trace your money back. You will also find that if you are lucky enough to return to the website and call their contact number it is usually a wrong number or a answering machine telling you to leave your contact details and they will ring you back. They will NOT ring you back!

Internet Banking Scam:

When fraudsters are out to gain access to your personal information or money, they will go through great effort and time to make sure that they design a webpage that looks legitimate enough to fool your eyes and dig into your pockets.
Fraudsters create websites which look exactly the same to the online banking websites which people use and then display an error message to users telling them that due to a complication either in the server or other technical problems the user will have to provide the bank with their IP address. (DO NOT fall for this). By passing them your IP address, what the users do not realize is that it allows the fraudsters to access the your computer from theirs and access your files and even plant Trojans and viruses.

Another way hacker’s gain access to money and card details is by hacking into e-commerce websites. Here they will have access to all the information they need of thousands of card holders and as a result can use the details to purchase items and in some cases also duplicate or steal identities.

These are just some examples of online fraud and theft scams however there are many more scams that take place online. So keep your eye out for them. Remember if its sounds too good to be true then it probably is.

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