Common Examples Of Web Theft And Fraud

There are many websites which are designed specifically to gain access to people’s private and confidential information. These websites can be created by anyone with enough knowledge on Website Design. Internet scams are very common in the 21st century.

Below I will explain different types of scams and fraud which thousands of people fall into believing every year:

Internet Banking Scam – when fraudsters are out to gain access to information or money, they will go through great effort and time to make sure that they use the correct ways and make sure all the tools they use (e.g. websites) look as real as possible. Fraudsters create websites which look exactly the same to the online banking websites which people use and then display an error message to users telling them that due to a complication either in the server or other technical problems the user will have to provide the bank with their IP address.

By passing the IP address, what the users do not realise is that it allows the fraudsters to access the user’s computer from outside and then plant a virus or Trojan in the computer giving them access to all the data stored on the user’s machine.

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